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The new millennium we enter makes us encounter various mechanisms and machines. This technosphere creates an illusion that the ancient esoteric knowledge is useless and archaic for the new wonderful society of high technologies and consuming. However realities of our life show that it is wrong. Highly developed countries face such problem as strong degradation of human personality which becomes similar to robots, manipulated by mass media and advertising. People experience a crisis of their personality and feel constant emotional discomfort. Hence drug addiction, growth of violence and suicides. The situation with the health is also unfavourable. In spite of impressive achievements in medicine people become weaker and weaker. Their vitality comes down.

The only way out of this increasing crisis is coming back to our roots, to the ancient esoteric knowledge, accumulated over thousands of years. However an attempt to delay all modern achievements and technosphere around us would be a mistake. Our task is to unify all this. One of the elements of such unification is adaptation of the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui and other geomantic traditions to conditions of modern life and the world around us. It is namely adaptation, but not a blind imitation of ancient methods in the new changed world. The “New Age” experience showed that such a blind imitation would bring nothing except profanation.

The raise of the interest to geomancy in western countries is not a surprise. All of us experience serious problems with our vitality, we need a success and luck. However the main part of publications on this subject simplify the traditional chinese Feng Shui so much that it seems to have nothing except bells, fish tanks and mirrors at it’s disposal. Such “New Age” Feng Shui is far from being effective. Even those few books which were written by professionals are not quite usable in modern conditions. The matter is that there were neither electronic nor electric devices which we have at home today when the Feng Shui tradition appeared. But all these things influence the psychoenergy of our home and office. The traditional Feng Shui simply does not work without taking into consideration of such technosphere.

The Feng Shui of modern means of transportation, cars, roads and highways needs special considering.

One of our main tasks is further development of the ancient art of geomancy and it’s adaptation to modern conditions. Though the basis of our approach is the ancient Chinese philosophy and Feng Shui methods, we also try to use modern scientific ideas and psychotronic researches. Besides a wide range of psychotronic devices, which can help to improve and harmonise flows of energy at home and in the office has been created nowadays. We also use these modern Feng Shui instruments in our work.

Harmonization of relations with the world of invisible vortex fields surrounding us is one more very important aspect of ancient geomancy. In ancient times this world was named the subtle world, or world of spirits. Unfortunately there is practically no publications on this very important subject in Russian. If hostile spirits penetrate into your house or relations with the ecological system and noosphere are disestablished, no attempts of balancing energy flows would help. Besides such electric devices as TV-sets and computers create additional channels for penetration of the subtle sphere into our houses. In such case the correct place where to place a TV-set and computer, choosing the proper direction which they face, using special screens and additional psychotronic devices play very important role.

The peculiarity of our approach is in maximal using a great deal of knowledge accumulated by various civilizations in this field. Among them there are Tibetan and Indian traditions of geomancy, unique traditions of ancient Celts, people of Siberia and North American Indians.

We pay great attention to ecological aspects of geomancy. The matter is that it’s impossible to create harmony in a separate corner of our planet without harmonizing the planet’s ecological system on the whole. The principle of similarity is manifested everywhere — any thing happening on the world’s scale founds it’s reflection in everybody. Geomantic structures, which has been known since ancient times, pay it’s tribute to the Earth’s ecology by balancing flows of energy around themselves. Among them there are stone circles and labyrinths, mantra wheels and stupas, etc. We shall tell you how to make similar structures at home and how to use them for harmonisation of energy in your dwelling and the landscape around it.





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